Oil Remediation Services


G2 work in partnership with are accredited with the UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme which exists to maintain consistent standards of oil spill clean up in the UK.The Standards for Accreditation in the Scheme are supported by the United Kingdom Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protections Agency.





The impact of a fuel tank leak can be devastating. Leaked fuel affects building structures and buried services (such as water supply pipes) significantly impacting residents and their neighbours. In some cases occupiers have to be moved out of the property while a cleanup is undertaken.


Contamination can spread to adjoining lands where there may be controlled waters such as ditches, streams, rivers and underground aquifers. It is essential that action be taken quickly to minimise and prevent the spread of any contamination. Lack of action will inevitably lead to additional remedial work, costs and possible litigation as any contamination spreads. 

G2 can manage all aspects of Oil Contamination, Remediation, Excavation and Reinstatement works.

Oil Contamination Below Grass

(Yellowed Areas)


Oil spills originating from commercial properties can be anything from an overfilled oil tank impacting on a small area to a major incident affecting adjoining land, waterways and rivers. All have the potential for major environmental impact and all are subject to Government legislation regarding the responsibility for spill clearance. Aside from the immediate damage to the environment, a Company will often suffer significant disruption of their business, financial loss and damage to its reputation through litigation and adverse press coverage.


Source Of Contamination Leak From 

10,000L Oil Tank

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